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Programmable Relay
ZEN V2 Units

Even Broader Applications with Increased Functionality and Higher Precision

Increased functionality in a compact body
(70 mm wide × 90 mm high).

  • Easy programming is available using the LCD
    and operation buttons.
  • This single Unit easily provides relay, timer, counter,
    and time switch functions.
  • Expansion is easy with Expansion I/O Units,
    allowing up to 44 I/O points.
  • Economy-type and Communications-type CPU Units
    have been added to series.
  • Improved Weekly Timers
    Increased timing accuracy with a monthly deviation of ±15 s
    max. Multiple-day operation and pulse output operation have
    been added.
  • Select from two power supply options:
    100 to 240 VAC or 12 to 24 VDC.

The CP1E all-in-one package PLC provide high cost performance
to further reduce costs by allowing you to select the optimal CPU Unit from the E-type Basic Models or N-type Application Models.
Complete with a standard-feature USB port, CP1L CPU Units are available for applications with as few as 10 I/O points. Whether you need simple sequence control or pulse I/O and a serial port, the CP1L PLCs give you an economical choice from among 10-, 14-, 20-, 30-, 40-, and 60-point CPU Units.
Along with greater precision and more flexibility in multi-product manufacturing, high-speed multi-axis pulse output control responds to the increase in servo applications.
Lineup of Low-end Models with 160 I/O Points and 5-Kstep Capacity. Providing Greater Added Value for Small-scale Machines
The CPU functional element has the same functionality as a CJ1M-CPU11/12/13 The enables effective usage of legacy applications
These CJ-series CPU Units support structured programming
using function blocks, which can improve the customer's
program development resources.

CJ2M new!
The new CJ2M products offer a wider choice of CPUs, faster operating speed, more memory and enhanced communications facilities, including optional integrated Ethernet support.CPUs in the CJ2M range are available to suit any task, starting at 5 Ksteps program capacity plus 64 Kwords memory. To complement its CJ2 PLCs, Omron has introduced new high-speed I/O units.
Introducing the Duplex CPU, Dual I/O Expansion System!
Adding redundancy in the system is an effective step to reduce risk. To respond to customer's needs regarding system reliability, OMRON applied its proven duplex PLC technology to the CS Series to provide a highly reliable PLC System. These PLC Systems have redundant vital components (such as CPUs, power supplies, networks, and expansion cables), while retaining the CS1-series functions and capabilities that are suitable for a wide variety of applications.
Omron HMI, the difference is clear! Perfection in image clarity and unparalleled reliability have been the driving force behind our success. For over a decade Omron has been a leading global supplier of HMI solutions and industrial touch-screens. Our worldwide installed base is well over half a million units. Our range includes the NS advanced HMI, the NT basic touch screen and the NT function key type. We cover screens from 4 to 15 inch, monochrome and colour and offer the most advanced functionality. Needless to say, perfect synergy is achieved when using Omron PLCs and networks.
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CX-One Programming Software
CX-One is a single package providing the software tools to configure and program networks, PLC Omron
HMIs, motion control systems, drives, temperature controllers (stock no. 491-2957 etc), and sensors.

CX-One includes the following Omron software:
CX-Programmer software to create & debug programs for the CS/CJ series, C series or CVM1/C series
CX-Simulator software to debug SYSMAC CS/CJ series by simulating CPU operation on a PC
NS-Designer programming software for the NS-series HMIs
CX-Thermo software for configuration of E5ZN, E5CN, E5AR, E5ER, E5AN, E5EN temp. controllers
CX-Drive configuration and support software for Omron Yaskawa drives and servos

Also included in CX-One is full support of Omron PLC-based units for position/motion control, process control and serial communications.
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