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PLC Omron CQM1H rack less modular design lets you customize your control system by adding inner boards for advanced functions, as well as specialized I/O and communications modules. CQM1H offers the most flexibility of all PLC system in its class.


  • 4 different base CPUs to choose from; 16 DC inputs built in; expands up to 512 points
  • No separate backplane required
  • Inner Boards allow Customized configuration of the CPU
  • Serial communiccations inner board supports protocal macro feature for communication with third party serial devices
  • Supports all existing and new PLC CQM1 I/O and specialized I/O modules
  • Optional memory cassettes allow backup of sensitive data, provides a real time clock
  • ControllerLink network transmits 8 kword data packets at up to 2 Mbps; 32 nodes 
  • Advanced intruction set includes PID, floating point math,protocol macro instructions and more
  • CompoBus/S SYSMAC BUS and AS -interface Master support remote I/O
  • Up to 15.2 Kwords of Program memory

CQM/C200H Model