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ABB drives brings together a world leading and recognised brand ABB - the number one supplier for variable speed drives and a product range that is simply the widest available from any manufacturer. ABB Inverter is a reference for drives users the world over that signifies reliability, simplicity, flexibility and ingenuity, throughout the lifecycle of a drive. จำหน่าย Inverter ABB หลายรุ่นทั้ง ACS150, ACS355, ACS550, ACS800 อยากได้รุ่นไหนติดต่อสอบถามมาได้เลยที่ โทร. 02-733-7702


ABB micro drivesABB micro drives are designed to be incorporated into a widevariety of machines such as mixers, conveyors, fans or pumpsor anywhere where a fixed speed motor needs to go variablespeed motor.The ABB micro drives meet the requirements of OEMs,machinery builders and panel builders. These drives arewidely available through the ABB distribution network. Thedrives are easy to select and provide a range of built-infeatures as standard including PID control, brake chopper,fixed keypad and speed control potentiometer.


If you are a system integrator, original equipment manufacturer or panel builder, the ACS355 is our top tier micro drive. It is focused on material handling, food and beverage applications, processing of rubber, plastic and wood. You have a cost effective, versatile drive offering the best connectivity in its class. Installation and commissioning is simple and easy, saving you labour time. 


Your HVAC system demands effortless comfort for everyone.  Our intelligent variable speed drive is dedicated to saving energy, producing quality air, and alleviating environmental concerns.  Reduce costs by controlling your building’s fans, compressors, and pump motors efficiently, for an energy conscious commercial environment. The ACH550 provides proven reliability, flexibility, and every essential HVAC communication protocol. It is pre-programmed for several applications, including: air handling units, cooling towers, chillers, and more.


The new ACH580 series is designed specifically to control HVAC applications and sets new standards both in simplicity and reliability. The ACH580 drive is a key component in HVAC systems that help you deliver significant energy savings. It can be integrated with any motor, communicates in the languages you and your system already know and exceeds specifications in mission critical environments. It provides productivity through comfort in commercial buildings. And the best part? All you need to do is to set it up and focus on what counts.


Cover all possibilities with our ACS800 industrial drives built to truly understand and refine your business. We make your opportunities work with our strong drives family covering your process control needs. Tune into precise performance and control no matter what industry you’re in. These are our industrial drives, our benchmark of performance, expertise and quality, serving you locally on a global scale.