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Low Voltage : Eaton (moeller)

Eaton’s Power Distribution Components

For effective circuit protection, Eaton offers a variety of circuit breakers to choose. Browse our selection, including, miniature, molded case and air circuit breakers and vacuum interrupters, to find the right solution for your application.  


Enclosed switch - disconnectors are compliant with IEC 60947-3. The enclosures provide high impact resistance and have an IP57 rating. Each unit is supplied with fixed earth and isolating neutral and has facilities for locking.



Air Circuit Breakers (ACB)

The new IZMX Series from Eaton is a new series of air circuit-breakers with an extensive range of accessories. The new range provides users with two compact frame sizes up to 4000A, modular design, common accessories, easy to integrate communications and a full range of trip units including the new powerful Power Expert Release(PXR) trip unit with a LCD display. The innovative concept of the IZMX16 makes it possible to install two with-drawable Circuit breakers in a 600 mm wide section. This enables more eco-nomical section design and also saves operating space. The compact modu-lar design of the IZMX40 offers customers a full range of high performance ratings in a single frame size simplifying the integration process into panel boards and switch boards. IZMX Series, a new generation and new standard in circuit protection.

Mold Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)

Eaton's Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) are designed to provide circuit protection for low voltage distribution systems and equipment up to 1600A. With a broad range of accessories, advanced diagnostic systems, and adherence to worldwide standards, Eaton’s MCCBs offer the latest in protection technology.



Miniature Circuit Breakers, Protection and Accessories

Eaton’s range of high quality miniature circuit breakers, residual current devices (RCD) and combined RCD/MCB devices (RCBOs) for residential applications, provide improved operational safety, continuity of service and lower operating costs.



Surge Protection

A complete SPD range covers all B,C and D (that is I,II,and III) protection degrees, providing your expensive and sensitive electrical equipments with safe lightning protection or surge voltage impulse caused by medium and large switch operations in your circuit, such as large computer center, digital and IT system equipment, precise electronic instrument and family HIFI equipments.


Fuse Disconnector

Eaton offers a comprehensive range of fuse links, fuse bases and switch disconnectors for the protection of industrial switchgear, three phases motors and residential & commerical applications.



Motor Protection Circuit Breakers (MPCB)

The PKZ fuse less motor-protective circuit-breakers combine short-circuit and overload protection in one device, allowing fast restart readiness. The PKE line of motor-protective circuit breakers with electronic wide-range overload protection provides highest level of flexibility featuring a compact and modular design with plug-in control unit for motor currents up to 65A.

Pilot Lamps, Push Buttons and Indication

Eaton offers a broad range of ergonomically designed command and signaling products that help you switch control circuit currents reliably and precisely.



Magnetic Contactors

The xStart line of Contactors, Relays and Combination Motor Starters is a completed range of IEC motor control. The space-saving and easy-to-install xStart line is the efficient and effective solution for customer applications from 7–2000A.


Overload Relays

Eaton offers a wide range of overload relays to provide full motor protection. The overload relay types include fixed bi-metallic, interchangeable heater bimetallic, and electronic.



DOL Combination

Motor starter with motor-protective circuit-breaker PKZM0 up to 32A 
Mounted starters minimize wiring time
Plug & Play with starters on busbar adapters
Attractive design for high-quality installations
Direct field bus connection through SmartWire-DT communication system via plug-in type protective module


Reversing Combination

The non-reversing and reversing Combination Motor Controllers (CMC) combine a Manual Motor Protector with an IEC Contactor to provide a complete motor protection solution by combining motor disconnect function, thermal overload protection, magnetic short circuit protection and remote control operation in one compact, assembled unit.



Star-delta Combination

No matter whether you want to configure your motor starter as DOL, reversing or star delta, whether you need a fuse-based or fuseless installation, or whether you prefer an electromechanical motor start or an electronic motor starter:

The configurator for motor-starter combinations helps you pick the right solution in just a few clicks. It is linked to the online catalog, providing a convenient way to create complete order lists and wiring sets. Once finished, you can then send the finished list to your sales partner - it's as simple as that.

Power Capacitors

FRAKO Power Capacitors have been developed and manufactured for decades solely at the company‘s Teningen production site in Germany. This has resulted in a consistently high product quality being maintained, the basis for assured operational reliability and a long service life.