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VALVE Ebro Stafsjo


จำหน่ายสินค้ายี่ห้อ Ebro-Stafsjo มีทั้ง Valve (วาล์ว) และ Pneumatic (นิวเมติก) สนใจสินค้าติดต่อ 02-733-7702


Pneumatic Actuator (DA, SA)
The scotch-yoke principle in the EB actuators exactly matches the valve torque characteristics, thus reducing size and air consumption.



Electric actuator
A compact series of actuators for open/close and control functions. Single Phase / Three Phase




Smart Valve Monitoring
Smart Valve Monitoring via Bluetooth interface. Continuous checking of the main functions of valve and actuator.


Z 011-A Resilient Seated Valve

A universally applicable wafer type valve manufactured acc. to EN 593.A wide range of standard materials offers the use in various applications. DN 20 - DN 1200

Z 011-A Gas Resilient Seated Valves

A lug type butterfly valve for end of line applications. DN 20 - DN 1200

Z 014-A Water Resilient Seated Valves

A lug type butterfly valve for end of line applications. DN 20 - DN 600

F 012-A Resilient Seated Valves

A double flanged valve with vulcanized liner suited for heavy duty services such as shipbuilding and wastewater plants.  DN 50 – DN 1400

T 211-A PTFE Valve

PTFE-lined wafer type valve for chemicals and high-corrosive media. DN (40)50 - DN 300

HP 111 High Performance Valves

A high-performance wafer type valve suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications. DN 50 - DN 1200

MV Universally applicable Knife Gate Valve.

Stafsjö’s knife gate valve MV is used within many different fields of applications. The valve has a gate with a bevel edge that effectively cuts through different media. In closed position the gate is pushed onto the seat which gives a tight and reliable sealing. This special shut-off technique makes the MV valve suitable for both fluids and dry media such as pulp, sludge, biomass, powder and different kinds of waste. DN 50 - DN 1200