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Inverter YASKAWA RC5

5 - 100 HP Regenerative Unit

The RC5 is one of two line-regeneration products offered by Yaskawa. The RC5 is a cost effective solution that can replace braking transistor/resistor networks in high duty cycle braking applications. The RC5 can be sized based on the application, from continuous to intermittent. The RC5 is wired in parallel to the drive and only handles regeneration power. The drive handles motoring power through its own diode bridge. The RC5 has a six-step output, which is not designed to comply with IEEE-519 harmonic requirements. The RC5 requires several external components that must be integrated for proper operation. Consult with Yaskawa Application Engineering for assistance with this product. 

The RC5 is ideal for applications that have large overhauling loads or make frequent stops such as elevators, centrifuges, test stands, and winders (but do not have input harmonic distortion requirements). This can result in significantly reduced operation costs of machinery by “re-cycling” the excess power back to the power grid. The RC5 package is generally smaller than a comparable braking resistor and does not have the heat loss and mounting location problems associated with a braking resistor.

For reference, our other product is the DC5, which is a higher performance, higher cost line-regeneration solution that does provide IEEE-519 compliant power.