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Small frame contactors with new functions join the SC series. The SC line up, based on high technology, now extends from the SC-03 to the SC-N16. The SC series contactors have such options as additional auxiliary contact blocks and operation counter unit with snap-on fittings, and coil surge suppressors. Quick and easy modification on site. FUJI SC series (SC-N6 to N16) contactors have been developed and manufactured with our most advanced electronic technologies. 
They employ an electronically-controlled SUPER MAGNET provided with a built-in IC, which enhances their performance and reliability. 
The SUPER MAGNET is based on an “AC-input, DC-operated concept“, thus allowing the coil to be energized by both AC and DC input. Moreover, once closed, sealed current is controlled by switching circuit. perimts a great reduction in power consumption – a cost-effective feature.
The SC-N1 to SC-N5A do not have the SUPER MAGNET. 
These contactors feature compact size, arc extinguishing mechanisms with a high breaking efficiency, low power consumption, easy operation, and ratings up to 660 volts.

Design features