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   When it comes to functional perfection down to the finest detail, the screw connection terminals in the W-Series set the standard a long time ago. The combination of benefits is unequalled and puts the W-Series in a leading position on the market. The W-Series offers solutions for conductor cross-sections between 0.05 and 300 mm² and for all standard electrical functions. The pluggable cross-connection (ZQV) is unique for most terminals with cross-sections of 2.5 and 4 mm². It brings considerable time savings compared to all other screw terminals on the market. 
  Thanks to the patented design of Weidmüller's W-Series screw connection technology it is possible for two conductors with the same cross-section to be connected in one and the same clamping yoke without difficulty.


W-standard W-compact
  • Same contour design from 2.5 to 10 mm²
  • Conductor sizes 0.05 to 300 mm²
  • Large clamping range
  • Smaller size
  • Identified by an "N" in the type designation
  • Conductor sizes 0.05 to 150 mm²

Terminal W Series

• WDU 2.5 to WDU 35
• WDK 2.5N/4N ; Double Level Terminal
• WPE 2.5 to WPE 35 ; Earth Terminal
• WTR 2.5/4 ; Disconnect Terminal
• WSI 4-25 ; Fuse Terminal

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