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New "PANATERM" Set-up Support Software,With many added features.
Next generation support tool fully loaded with advanced functions

Introduction to new setup support software “PANATERM”

Monitoring, setting and analyzing through a PC
- High speed accessing between the driver and PC via USB communication
- Multilingualization (English,Japanese,Chinese and korean)

Supporting OS
windows XP SP3 (32-bit Ver.)
Windows VISTA SP1 (32-bit Ver)
windows7(32-bit Ver.,64-bit Ver.)

Localized in 4 languages
Choose either English, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean-language display.

Setup Wizard
This wizard supports fundamental settings in each
control mode step by step, includeing reading of
default setting.

In on-line condition, input data related
to each step can be monitored in real time.


Trial run
This function supports positioning with the Z-phase
search and software limit.

Fit gain
This function automatically searches the best suitable
stiffness setting and mode and adjusts the gain once
the target in-position range and setting time are set.

Service Life Prediction
The service life prediction function considers the
internal temperature for main components such as the
fan and condenser. If the rated exceeded, an alarm is
displayed. This approach prevents unexpected
suspension of operation and allows for planning of
systemized maintenance.

Note: The life span prediction value should be
considered as a guide only.

Encoder Temperature Monitor
The Encoder Temperature Monitor is a new function
capable of real-time measurement of the interior
temperature of the encoder, something that has
been difficult to achieve in the past. It is valuable
for monitoring the motor and can be used as a
diagnostic in the event of a malfunction (provided
with 20-bit encoder only).

Other New Function
The software offers a wide range of convenient
features including motor and driver data such as load
factor, voltage, and driver temperature. Moreover, the
logging function records the interface history. As well,
a non-rotating contributing factor display function.
• Fit gain function
• Frequency response measurement
• Troubleshooting
• Analog input adjustment
• Z-phase searching
• Alarm monitoring
• Functionality enhancement by using external tool
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