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Mitsubishi Electric brand software (MELSOFT)

     provides customers with an integrated product suite which reduce the total cost of ownership and speeds time-to-market.  MELSOFT products are used throughout the automation asset's lifecycle.  During the Engineering stage, MELSOFT products are used to design systems encompassing the entire portfolio of automation products.  Powerful simulation tools are used to reduce programming and debug time.  Machine operators benefit from visualization products to further increase operation efficiencies.  A broad range of maintenance tools are also available to decrease time-to-repair.  Empowering people to perform their job functions in the least amount of time and with minimum effort is why MELSOFT products are preferred by automation professionals around the world.


MRZJW3-MOTSZ111E  (Capacity selection software)

     A user-friendly design facilitates selecting the optimum servo amplifier, servo motor (including the servo motor with an electromagnetic brake) and optional regeneration unit just by entering constants and an opera-tion pattern into machine-specific windows.



(1)  User-defined  operation  patterns  can  be  set.  The  operation  pattern can be selected from the position control mode operation or speed control mode operation. The selected operation pattern can be also displayed in the graph.

(2) The  feedrate  (or  motor  speed)  and  torque  can  be  displayed  in  the graph during the selection process.


MRZJW3-SETUP2_M1E (Setup software)

This software makes it easy to perform setup, tuning, monitor display, diagnostics, reading and writing of parameters, and test operations

with a personal computer. User-defined functions that enable a stable machine system, optimum control and short setup time are available.


(1) This software allows for easy set up and tuning the servo system with a personal computer.

(2) Multiple monitor functions Graphic display functions are provided to display the servo motor status with the input signal triggers, such as the command pulse, droop pulse and speed.

(3) Test operations with a personal computer. Test operation of the servo motors can be performed with a personal computer using multiple test mode menus.

(4) Further advanced tuning is possible with the improved advanced functions.

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