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HMI Screen Editor & Logic Programming Software

Five major features of GP-Pro EX

Feature 1 - Simple screen design system reduces number of required man-hours
GP-Pro EX has a user-friendly user interface that significantly reduces the number of man-hours required for screen design.
It also provides a range of handy functions that allow batch editing of detailed work.
These features allow anyone to achieve intuitive, stress-free screen design.

Feature 2 - Anyone can design beautiful, realistic screens
GP-Pro EX has an extensive variety of functions for designing beautiful, realistic screens
Naturally, a wide range of free sample screens are also available.Pro-face's beautifully
designed samples are produced with user-friendliness in mind and are sure to gain a solid reputation amongst worksite operators.

Feature 3 - Leverage existing assets
GP-Pro EX supports screens made using all GP Series models as far back as the original Model 10 Series.
Data created in GP-Pro/PBIII for Windows or later versions can be converted instantly in Project Converter.

Feature 4 - Achieve goals promptly and boost system performance easily
GP-Pro EX delivers a range of advanced functions that allow you to respond promptly to the needs of the ever-evolving manufacturing worksite.
It provides comprehensive programming and log analysis functions to aid the development of more sophisticated systems.

Feature 5 - Remote monitoring of on-site situations in real-time
Easy maintenance and data management simply by connecting the site GP to the office.


Product Name Model No. Description
GP-Pro EX V*.* PFXEXEDV** HMI screen editor & logic programming software
GP-Pro EX Editor License PFXEXEDLS** GP-Pro EX editor license *1
Pro-Server EX V*.* Developer PFXEXSDVV** Software that connects a PC to a GP via Ethernet and collects and transmits data *2
Pro-Server EX Developer License EX-SED-LICENSE Pro-Server EX developer license*3
Pro-Server EX Runtime License EX-SRT-LICENSE Pro-Server EX Runtime License*4
MES Action EX-MES-LICENSE-V10 License key permitting Pro-Server EX to access a database
Video Converter EX-MOVCON-LICENSE License for the file conversion tool required to display video on the GP and PC *5
Ladder Monitor EX-LADM-MIT-Q02 License for add-on software that can be monitored by the Ladder Program of Mitsubishi's PLC Q Series
License EX-LADM-MIT-A01 License for add-on software that can be monitored by the Ladder Program of Mitsubishi's PLC A Series (The ladder monitor is supported by the AnA series and the Q series (A mode).)
  EX-LADM-OMR-CJ01 License for add-on software that can be monitored by the Ladder Program of OMRON's CS/CJ Series
RPA Client EX-RPA Single license License to access a PC on the network in remote mode
License EX-RPA-10 10 licenses
  EX-RPA-30 30 licenses
GP-Viewer EX EX-VIEWER-LICENSE Single license License allowing a PC to access a GP in remote mode *5
EX-VIEWER-LICENSE-10 10 licenses
EX-VIEWER-LICENSE-30 30 licenses
WinGP for IPC EX-WINGP-IPC Licence for using WinGP on WinGP-compatible IPC.*5
WinGP for PC/AT EX-WINGP-PCAT Licence for using WinGP on PC/AT-compatible PC.*5
Camera-Viewer EX EXCAVELS Licence for using Camera-Viewer EX.

"Win GP" -  Pro-face's HMI screen viewed on Industrial PC

Seamless communication with peripheral and control devices
Communication drivers are included as standard so there is no need to develop drivers for communication with PLCs,
temperature controllers, and other control devices.

PC with graphic operator interface for space-saving
The system configuration which used to be built with PC, HMI and PLC can be built only with IPC and PLC.

Remote Monitoring Software

Check real-time GP screen at your office!


You can view and check the same screen as the display unit at the site.

You can view and operate different screens from the one shown on the display unit at the site.

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