Process Control
      JWT offers a wide range of control solutions to suit your process. Our engineering teams have designed, installed and commissioned process control projects for a wide variety of applications and industries. Our prospect in all these projects has been to achieve reliable results with high class of equipment & instrument but not to loose the flexibility of a manually operated process.

      We concentrate in high reliable and high quality of process control from controller hot-standby, redundancy network, fail-safe, triple redundancy systems and also we select instrument matching with hazardous zone

      Utilizing our practical experience with many systems on the market or still in use today, JWT is also often involved in migration projects for existing control systems. The high maintenance costs and unavailability of spare parts for the control system endangers the continuity of perfectly healthy processes.
Our experienced on variety process:
  • Oil & Gas
  • Jetty
  • Boiler
  • Condensing (PA)
  • Reactor
  • Autoclave Concrete
      We have designed, implemented and tested systems on various control platforms, including Allen Bradley /
Rockwell ControlLogix, RSView32, RSViewSE, Siemens S7, WinCC, Modicon, Wonderware, EPP and SQL.
System Description
A typical Process Control System consists of the following components
      - Field devices as sensors, actuators, inverters, instruments and analyzers that provide for connect with PLC / DCS controller via digital input/output, analog input/output signals or bus network ( Modbus, Profibus, Devicenet, Foundation Fieldbus) to control the process.

      - PLC / DCS controller with redundancy systems that receives the signals from the field devices and processes them processing logic sequences to control actuators as pumps, valves, motors and lamp indicators

      - TMR controller that receives the serious signals from the field devices and processing logic sequences to control actuators as pumps, valves, motors in ESD systems, reaction process, etc.

      - HMI Human Machine Interface as a system that interface between operator and process for monitor the status of process, send start/stop commands and entry parameters of process.

      - Data information of water treatment process as data logging, event logging, trend history, alarm history, export file, report and etc…. mostly in relational database or text file if it’s confidential
Benefits of our Process Control System
  • Reduction of manpower required
  • High reliable control system
  • Increasing production efficiency
  • Standard global engineering compliance
  • Rich data information
  • Data exchange with other enterprise systems
Our broad range of skills and experience means that we provide a system that suits you
Our Clients
  • PTT Chem
  • NPC
  • TOC
  • BMA
  • Continental Petrochemical
  • Thai young chemical
  • Bege
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