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Photoelectric Sensor

Amplifier Built-in


Compact Photoelectric Sensor CX-400 Ver.2   Ultra-slim Photoelectric Sensor EX-10S NEW
Upgrade CX-400 series are environmentally and user friendly.   More Extensive Applications Introducing narrow-beam typemodels for the EX-10 series of ultra-slim
    photoelectric sensors
Ultra-slim Photoelectric Sensor EX-10 Ver.2   Ultra-compact Photoelectric Sensor EX-20 Ver.2
EX-19E□ were addded to the EX-10 series. NEW   Miniature-sized and still mountable with M3 screws
Threaded Miniature Photoelectric Sensor EX-30 Ver.2   Convergent Reflective Photoelectric Sensor EX-40
The next-generation new form series A new alternative to fiber sensors   Reliable object detection in limited area
Adjustable Range Reflective Photoelectric Sensor EQ-30   Adjustable Range Reflective Photoelectric Sensor EQ-500
Unaffected by color or material, 2 m (6.562 ft) distance adjustable range reflective sensing   Long range sensing capability to 2.5 m 8.202 ft
Stable sensing unaffected by color or gloss
Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensor CY-100   Triple Beam Adjustable Range Reflective Photoelectric Sensor MQ-W
Wide Variations   Sensing objects can be detected at a constant distance using the triple beam sensing method
Robust Photoelectric Sensor RX   Adjustable Range Reflective Photoelectric Sensor RX-LS200
Sturdy photoelectric sensor made of die-cast zinc alloy   Detection of different colored objects at a certain distance
U-shaped Photoelectric Sensor RT-610    
Suitable for reading and sensing cut-off marks    

Power Supply Built-in

Compact Multi-voltage Photoelectric Sensor NX5  
Multi-voltage photoelectric sensor usable worldwide  



Slim Body Automatic Sensitivity Setting Photoelectric Sensor SU-7/SH
Multi-voltage photoelectric sensor usable worldwide


Wafer Detection


Wafer Mapping Sensor M-DW1   LED Type Wafer Alignment Sensor Controller HD-T1
The safe LED beam reflective type wafer mapping sensor   The use of a safe LED light beam now allows for high precision detection with a resolution of 30 µm 1.181 mil


Liquid Leak Detection

Leak Detection Sensor EX-F70/EX-F60
High-speed detection even a little liquid leak


Liquid Level Detection

Pipe-mountable Liquid Level Detection Sensor EX-F1
Reliable liquid level detection with amplifier built-in low-priced sensor


Water Detection Sensor

Water Detection Sensor EZ-10
Detects water...reliably!


Obstacle Sensing

Long Range & Wide Area Photoelectric Sensor PX-2
Compact size sensor realizes wide sensing area & long sensing range

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