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Area Sensor

Slim Body


General Purpose & Slim Body Area Sensor NA2-N   Small / Slim Object Detection Area Sensor NA1-11
Slim body 13 mm 0.512 in
Maximum sensing height 540 mm 21.260 in
  Cross-beam scanning system to detect slim objects



Ultra-slim Body Picking Sensor NA1-PK5/NA1-5   Compact Size Picking Sensor NA1-PK3
Even a slim hand is detectable by the 25 mm 0.984 in pitch beam area sensor   Boasts a compact, pocket lighter size enabling universal installation

General Purpose

40 mm Beam Pitch General Purpose Area Sensor NA40
Slim and smart

Area Sensor

Model NA1
NA1-11 NPN output 1 m.
NA1-11-C5 NPN output 1 m.
NA1-11-PN PNP output 1 m.
NA1-5 Long Sensing 100 M.M.
NA1-5-C5 Long Sensing 100 M.M.
NA1-5-J Long Sensing/Pigtailed 100 M.M.
NA1-5-PN Long Sensing 100 M.M.
NA1-5-PN-J Long Sensing/Pigtailed 100 M.M.
NA1-PK3 Compact-Size 49.2 M.M.
NA1-PK3-C5 Compact-Size 49.2 M.M.
NA1-PK3-J Compact-Size/Pigtailed 49.2 M.M.
NA1-PK3-PN Compact-Size 49.2 M.M.
NA1-PK3-PN-C5 Compact-Size 49.2 M.M.
NA1-PK3-PN-J Compact-Size/Pigtailed 49.2 M.M.
NA1-PK5 High-luminous job indicator 100 M.M.
NA1-PK5-J High-luminous job indicator/Pigtailed 100 M.M.
NA1-PK5-PN High-luminous job indicator 100 M.M.
NA1-PK5-PN-J High-luminous job indicator/Pigtailed 100 M.M.

Model NA2
NA2-N12 NPN output 5 m.
NA2-N12-C5 NPN output 5 m.
NA2-N12-PN PNP output 5 m.
NA2-N16 NPN output 5 m.
NA2-N16-C5 NPN output 5 m.
NA2-N16-PN PNP output 5 m.
NA2-N16-PN-C5 PNP output 5 m.
NA2-N20 NPN output 5 m.
NA2-N20-C5 NPN output 5 m.
NA2-N20-PN PNP output 5 m.
NA2-N24 NPN output 5 m.
NA2-N24-C5 NPN output 5 m.
NA2-N24-PN PNP output 5 m.
NA2-N28 NPN output 5 m.
NA2-N28-C5 NPN output 5 m.
NA2-N28-PN PNP output 5 m.
NA2-N28-PN-C5 PNP output 5 m.
NA2-N8 NPN output 5 m.
NA2-N8-C5 NPN output 5 m.
NA2-N8-PN PNP output 5 m.

Model NA40
NA40-10 Standards 5 m.
NA40-10-H With spatter 5 m.
NA40-12 Standards 5 m.
NA40-12-H With spatter 5 m.
NA40-14 Standards 5 m.
NA40-14-H With spatter 5 m.
NA40-16 Standards 5 m.
NA40-16-H With spatter 5 m.
NA40-20 Standards 5 m.
NA40-20-H With spatter 5 m.
NA40-24 Standards 5 m.
NA40-24-H With spatter 5 m.
NA40-2EUD End Unit / Receiver
NA40-2EUP End Unit / Emitter
NA40-4 Standards 5 m.
NA40-4EUD End Unit / Receiver
NA40-4EUP End Unit / Emitter
NA40-4-H With spatter 5 m.
NA40-4SUD Sub Unit / Receiver
NA40-4SUP Sub Unit / Emitter
NA40-6 Standards 5 m.
NA40-6-H With spatter 5 m.
NA40-8 Standards 5 m.
NA40-8-H With spatter 5 m.
NA40-CC3 Mating Cable 5 m.
NA40-CC7 Mating Cable 7 m.
NA40-ECD End Cap / Receiver
NA40-ECP End Cap / Emitter
NA40-MUD Main Unit / Receiver
NA40-MUP Main Unit / Emitter



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