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Advance sensorless vector control function

" - Realize smooth driving without motor vibration and high precise
driving with no effect of changing load."

" - Show high torque of 200% or
greater at speeds as low as 0.5Hz
during starting and operation."

Strengthening auto-tuning function

- Automatically measure motor parameters.
" - Realize optimal motor control without torque dropping and speed
" - Realize precise driving without inconvenience of user and measure motor
parameters manually. "
" - Applicable to the transfer machine, treadmill, industrial washing machine
due to its function of momentary current suppression"

Strengthening the PID control function

- Strenghtened the speed control program for controlling flux, temperature, pressure and so forth.
- Apply to high precision systems by high speed responsibility.

Realize tripless driving by adding current suppression

" - Realize stable driving at instant impact load and overload by adding
over-current level adjusting function."

Compact size for easy installation

- Reduction in cubic volume, 52% compare to the N100 series.

MMI function using RS485 communication (HIMS 2000)

" - Built-in RS485 communication standard using Modbus protocol possible
flexible application for various FA system, on remote driving at master
system and easy monitoring the status of driving."

- Realize remote motor control drive using exclusive MMI program.
SINK/SOURCE type signal selectable
- Many types of programmable controllers are easily connected.

Global products
- Complicance with EN standard by attaching EMC filter (option)
- Obtain CE Standard, UL, cUL

Compact size for easy to install
- Reduction in cubic volume 52% compare to the J100 series.

Develop option product for user convenience
- Digital operator (operation and display)
- Remote operator (read and copy function)
- EMI/EMC filter by EN standard

Model W D H
N100 - 004SF/LF, 007SF/LF, 004HF 115 135 130
N100 - 015SF/LF, 022LF, 007HF, 015HF 115 155 130
N100 - 037LF, 022HF, 037HF 150 155 130
Standard Specification          
Model 400V Class
N100 - 004HF N100 - 007HF N100 - 015HF N100 - 022HF N100 - 037HF
Applicable motor capacity (kW) 0.4 0.75 1.5 2.2 3.7
Rated output Rated output current (A) 1.8 3.4 4.8 7.2 9.2
Rated output capacity (kVA) 1.5 2.8 4.0 6 7.6
Rated output voltage (V) 3-phase , 380 ~ 480 VAC
Output frequency range 0.1~400Hz
Rated input Input voltage (V) 3-phase , 380 ~ 480 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz (±5%)
Power transistor ASIPM
Control method Space vector PWM control
Staring torque 200% , 0.5 Hz
Overload capacity 150% , 1min
Analog input command DC 0~5V , DC 0 ~ 10V , DC 4~20mA , 0~1kΩ
Weight (kg) 1.2 1.2 1.5 2 2
N100 Series Type          
Motor (kW) 0.4 0.75 1.5 2.2 3.7
Single-phase 200V    
3-phase 200V
3-phase 200V
Terminal Connection Diagram        

Remote Operator
- With the remote operator , you can control the parameters of the inverter and the commands by using zzthe
optional remote operator cable
- The NOP100 enables parameter sets to be read out of the inverter or to be written into the inverter with zzREAD
or COPY button


item Description
Model name NOP100
External dimension 135 mm (H) × 75 mm (W) × 19 mm (D)
Display LCD 2 Line × 16 Character
LED Forward operation , reverse operation , Stop , mode changing dispiay
Keypad 12 Key
Function Fault list storage count: 3 count Built-in READ/COPY function
Connection cable length 1.5 m , 3 m
Digital Operator
- Digital operator is economical remote operator.
- Digital operator can control inverter parater parameter and operating commands.
- Digital operator has a 4-digit 7-segment LED , so it is possible not only operate inverter but also display inverter status

Item Description
Model name DOP1
External dimension 67.5 mm(H) × 64.9 mm(W) × 35.1 mm(D)
Display 7-segment LED 4-digit 7-segment LED
Monitor lamp 7 (POWER/RUN/PRG/Hz/A/RUN key/Volume LED)
Communication method RS485 (Modular connection)
Function Inverter operation & monitoring
Connection cable length 1.5 m , 3 m
HMS2000 (Hyundai Inverter Management System)

System constitution
- Setting the inverter parameter and command.
- Inverter parameter memory/download/comparison for easily manage inverter parameter.
- Monitoring inverter status for user facility.
- Add to simulation function for various inverter load and running pattern.
Operation function

- Inverter RUN/STOP command
- Setting motor frequency
- Setting inverter parater
Display function

- Display inverter running status Frequency/Current/Voltage/Rotate direction
- Display inverter status RUN/STOP/TRIP
- Display inverter parameter All of the inverter parameter
Simulation function

- Memory variable running pattern
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