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STEP 7 Micro/WIN Software V4

STEP7-Micro/WIN lets you save time and money in programming. This software package can be handled like a standard Windows application and includes all necessary tools for convenient programming of the SIMATIC S7-200: from the high-performance SIMATIC instruction set to IEC 1131-compliant programming and all the way to trend charts and wizards.

The latest version, STEP7-Micro/WIN 4.0, which is compatible with Win2000, Windows XP and higher operating systems, offers even more: segmented data memory, improved handling of the program and command structures, diagnostic functions as well as a user-specific LED, error history, runtime edit, and online-download.STEP 7 - Micro/Win User interface
The STEP 7-Micro/WIN programming wizards
Parameterizing instead of programming – that's what STEP 7-Micro/WIN wizards let you do. They support simple graphical parameterizing of complex tasks as well as automatic testing of the available memory operation, generate commented programming blocks, and much more. STEP 7-Micro/WIN provides the right wizard for any complex automation solution.
Standard Features
Mouse-driven drop-down menus and toolbar
Data block editor
Password protection
Programme diagnostics and debug features
File converter Micro/DOS to Micro/WIN

Additional Features/Wizards
PID Wizard
NETR/NETW communications Wizard
Analogue input filter Wizard
High speed counter Wizard
TD 200 Wizard
Modem set-up Wizard
Enhanced Features
Improved ladder instruction toolbar for faster editing
Additional short-cut keys for all editing functions
'Undo' function
Enhanced Find/Replace functions, including Up, Down and All Directions Searches
Windows setting from the last session saved automatically
Improved printing features including both symbolic and absolute addresses
Verification of match between on and off line programme before running debug mode

STEP 7 Micro/WIN Software Upgrade
This package upgrades existing STEP 7 Micro/WIN software to version V4 which allows it to work with the third generation S7-200 PLCs.
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