Machinery Control
      JWT has more success stories provided control systems with our panther Machine Maker (OEM) range from basis to complex Machine / Material Handing. From our experience enables us to produce accurate, easy to use, with a high degree of reliability, and have the flexibility to expand and enhance the technology to meet the Machine Maker evolving needs
Our experienced on various machine:
  • Transfer Car
  • Cutting Line
  • X-Ray Cargo
  • Challenge Loop
  • Belt and Roller Conveyor Line
  • Filler Machine
  • Tension Testing Machine
  • Concrete Testing Machine
  • Sachet & Cold Roller Machine
We can assist in all the key areas of a machine, such as:
  • Functional Control
  • Machine development
  • Instrument selection
  • Alarm and safety design
  • Standard Compliance
      We have designed, deployed and tested systems on various control platforms range from stand-alone to network architecture, including Allen Bradley, ABB AC500, Siemens S7, Mitsu FX, Liyan EX and Omron CJ PLC integrated with Touch Panel operator interfaces such as EasyView, PanelView and EP300 to computer control and data information Citect SCADA, WinCC Flexible, VB application
System Description
A typical Machinery Control System consists of the following components:
      - Machine devices as sensors, actuators, servo driver, inverter and instrumentation that connect with PLC controller via digital input/output, analog input/output signals or bus network to control the machine.

      - PLC Controller that receives the signals from the field devices and machines them processing logic sequences to control actuators as pumps, valves, motors and lamp indicators

      - HMI Human Machine Interface as a system that interface between operator and machine for monitor the status of machine, send start/stop commands and entry parameters of machine.

      - Data information of machine as data logging, event logging, trend history, alarm history, export file, report and etc….
Benefits of our solution
  • Easy Operate and safety
  • Faster and more precise operation; increase productivity
  • Flexibility to expand and enhance the technology
  • Machine value-added
  • Improve machine systems with event and report tools
  • Standard global compliance
Our Clients
  • Thai Airways
  • Thai Light Block
  • Unilever
  • Colgate Palmolive
  • European snack food
  • The Siam Refractory Industry
  • Thai glass industry
  • Atlantic Laboratories
  • TP Drug
  • Thai Cold Roll Steel Sheet
  • Ruskin (Thailand)

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