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Graphic Logic Controller

Model Control Section
Integrated DIO Special I/O Expenasion Units Control Memory
*Use built-in DIOs * Exclusive use only
four points EX Modules CANopen
LT-3300S 32 points Pulse output:  3 EX modules max. (up to 48 Inputs/ Outputs) 63 Stations FLASH
(Inputs: 16, 65kHz max. 1024 Bit EPROM
LT-3300L Outputs: 16)   Inputs/ Outputs, 132KB
LT-3301L   Counter input: 100kHz max. 256 Integer Inputs/ Outputs* Equivalent to 15,000 steps
LT-3201A 18 points   2 EX modules max. (up to 32 Inputs/ Outputs)   (Up to 60,000 Steps)
(Inputs: 12,      
Outputs: 6)      

Model Display Section
SIO I/F USB (host) Ethernet Display Type Resolution Display Size
LT-3300S O O O STN display with 4,096 colors QVGA 5.7 inch
LT-3300L Monochrome 16 shades 320 × 240 pixels
LT-3301L -  
LT-3201A - - Monochrome display with 8 shades (Amber/ Red)   3.8 inch

LT3000 Series main 5 features
<Feature 1> Compact Design: Space-saving, all-in-one design

In response to demand for a smaller control device, we’ve now integrated the control and operation functions into the display itself.
In short, we’ve combined lamps, meter graphs, and other display devices with switches, buttons and other operation functions together in an integrated,
compact PLC. In addition to reducing wire consumption and saving space, this design minimizes the number of electric parts, thus ensuring a long service life.

<Feature 2> Compact but with powerful functions

This compact unit is provided with standard I/Os that can function as special I/Os.*
We have provided advanced control of high/low pulses up to 65kHz and high-speed counters up to 100kHz.
The powerful I/O interface supports not only equipment requiring switches and lamps but also sophisticated equipment requiring advanced positioning.

<Feature 4> Full Graphical Capability

This unit incorporates a full graphics capability that can display text and beautiful images even on a small screen.
Choose either an STN color display or a monochrome (amber/red switchable) display to suit your specific needs.

CANopen network
EN50325-4 Network Standard. Using the LT unit as a master, you can communicate over a CANopen network.

GP-Pro EX main 3 features
<Feature 1> Easy Programming
Both creation and ladder program can be created with GP-Pro EX. Unique interface makes it easy to use.

<Feature 2> Excellent Cooperation
Editing between parts and logic elements can be performed via drag and drop. To facilitate
coordination, a function enables the direct writing of controller addresses with a single software.

<Feature 3> Easy debugging
A variety of simulation functions.
1. Screen View: view screen while editing
2. Logic View: check logic program
3. I/O View: Confirm current values for addresses allocated to I/O driver terminal. You can simulate & check debug before transerring LT3000 Series.

Product Name Model No. Description
USB Transfer Cable(2m) CA3-USBCB-01 USB Cable for transferring data such as screen data (host to host)
USB Cable(5m) FP-US00 Connects a USB peripheral unit. (host to slave)
USB Front Cable (1m) CA5-USBEXT-01 The cable for extending the LT's USB port
USB Serial (RS-232C)Conversion Cable(50cm) 5.7" CA6-USB232-01 cable for connecting USB port and modem(RS-232C)
RS-232C Cable (5m) 5.7" CA3-CBL232/5M-01 Interface cable for communication between a temperature controller/various boards and the LT-3300 series via RS-232C.
RS-422 Cable (5m) 5.7" CA3-CBL422-01 Interface cable for communication between a temperature controller/various boards and the LT-3300 series via RS-422.
RS-422 Cable (5m) 5.7" CA3-CBL422/5M-01 Interface cable for communication between a temperature controller/various boards and the LT-3300 series via RS-422.
< for a unit of terminal resistance 100 >


Product Name Model No. Description
COM Port Adapter 5.7" CA3-ADPCOM-01 Connects optional RS-422 communication items to LT-3300 series unit’s COM1 port.
Connector Terminal Block Adapter 5.7" CA3-ADPTRM-01 Connects output from a serial interface with an RS-422 terminal block.

Maintenance Items

Name Model No. Description
Installation Gasket for 5.7 inch CA3-WPG6-01 Provides dust and moisture resistance when LT is installed into a solid panel.
for 3.8 inch ST400-WP01
USB Cable Clamp for 5.7 inch CA7-USBAT-01 USB Cable clamp to prevent disconnection.
for 3.8 inch CA5-USBATL-01 (5 pcs/ set)
DC Power Supply Connector CA5-DCCNM-01 Connector for attaching power supply to medium-sized units.
(5 pcs/set)
Installation Fastener CA3-ATFALL-01 Used to install the LT into a solid panel. (4 pcs/ set)
DIO Connector for 5.7 inch CA7-DIOCN5-01 Connector attached to the DIO interface. Connects an external I/O device. (5 pcs/ set)
for 3.8 inch CA6-DIOCN4-01
MIL Connecter CA6-EXMCNHE20P-01 Connecter for EX module (5 pcs/ set)
(20-pins) for EX module
Terminal Connecter CA6-EXMCNRS10P-01
(10-pins) for EX module
Terminal Connecter CA6-EXMCNRS11P-01
(11-pins) for EX module
EX Module Securing Hook for 5.7 inch CA7-FIXEXM-01 Hook for securing three EX modules.
DIO Connecter for HTB CA7-HTBCNSET-01 13-pin input connector and 16-pin output connector for HTB
(each in one set

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