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Logic controller with competitive price
Provides basic control solutions to automation field.
Economical Series Block Type PLC for small and medium size applications
Positioning Control with interpolation
Signal Conversation Module for easier the applications
Easy set up the special modules:Positioning,TC, RS232,
Analog, etc

High competitive prices
Our PLC software is free to use. Also our PLC use FX developer which is used by Mitsubishi As so you can download directly to our PLC any FX program that used for Mitsubishi PLC, also it use the same input and outputs so you can change Mitsubishi PLC to our PLC directly and easily.



Competitive price HMI (EP300) and HMI PLC ( EP314*)

3" LCD HMI with Function Keys & PLC.
LCM:128x64 dots. It can display 8x4 words in Chinese or 16x8
letters in English
Screen: monochrome STN-LCD
EPeditor software of programming
Integrated Function and numeric keys
Integrated PLC with 8 Input & 6 Output
Small size for space integration
Include Pulse out with interpolation
High competitive prices
Real Time Clock function
Capacity of memory: 256KB
RAM of system: 32KB
Dimensions (L)x(W)x(H): 146mm x 97mm x 45mm
*Can be Relay output ( R ) , Transistor output ( T )

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