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The Mitsubishi E700 VFD is the latest generation of Mitsubishi Electric’s Micro Sized Variable Frequency Drives. The Mitsubishi E700 VFD replaces the popular E500 VFD and utilizes the same mounting foot print. Advanced features and functions such as USB port for commissioning and monitoring, embedded M-dial and display, increased low speed performance and the ability to install one of the many 700 VFD option cards allows the E700 to be used in the most demanding applications. With a standard 5 year warranty, quality and reliability is essentially guaranteed. The Mitsubishi E700 VFD promises to continue Mitsubishi’s long history of providing the best micro drive in the industry.
Simple to Use

Standard M-dial and display makes setup and monitoring easy
USB port allows setup & troubleshooting via PC
RJ45 port supports optional alpha numeric keypad


Removable control I/O card simplifies wiring
Connection to various networks possible using option card
Increased I/O possible with installed option card
Special I/O cards tailored to meet specific applications

Simple to Maintain

10 year maintenance free design life
Self diagnostic warnings for key internal components
Easy to replace cooling fan requiring no tools


UL / cUL / CE approved
RoHS compliant
Approved at 100K Symmetrical Amps
  • Available in 240V and 480V up to 20HP
  • Available in 115V up to 1HP
  • Advanced Magnetic Flux Vector Control for improved starting torque and smooth low speed motor operation
  • Auto-tuning allows improved performance using virtually any manufacturer’s motor
  • All capacities include built-in brake chopper
  • USB communications allow fast commissioning and troubleshooting
  • Standard RS485 serial communications supporting Modbus® RTU
  • Sink / Source selectable I/O
  • Supports remote I/O function via network
  • Built-in PID Control
  • Delivers rated current at 50°C and 14.5kHz carrier frequency with minimal de-rating
  • 200% overload for 3 seconds
  • 0 to 10V analog output
  • CC-Link®, DeviceNet™, Profibus-DP, LonWorks®
  • Standard 5 year warranty
Intelligent functions for every application
  • Sensorless Vector Control
  • Advanced autotuning
  • Overload capacity increased to 200% fof 3 seconds
  • Brake chopper
  • Torque limiting
  • Extemal brake handling
  • Integrated control unit
  • Powerful software
  • Integrated USB port
  • Self-diagnostics for rellable operation
  • Side by side mounting
Part Number Description
FR-E720 Series
FR-E720-0.1KSC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.1Kw
FR-E720-0.2KSC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.2Kw
FR-E720-0.4KSC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.4Kw
FR-E720-0.75KSC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.75Kw
FR-E720-1.5KSC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 1.5Kw
FR-E720-2.2KSC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 2.2Kw
FR-E720-3.7KSC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 3.7Kw
FR-E720-5.5KSC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 5.5Kw
FR-E720-7.5KSC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 7.5Kw
FR-E720-11KSC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 11Kw
FR-E720-15KSC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 15Kw
FR-E740 Series
FR-E740-0.4KSC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.4Kw
FR-E740-0.75KSC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.75Kw
FR-E740-1.5KSC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 1.5Kw
FR-E740-2.2KSC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 2.2Kw
FR-E740-3.7KSC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 3.7Kw
FR-E740-5.5KSC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 5.5Kw
FR-E740-7.5KSC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 7.5Kw
FR-E740-11KSC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 11Kw
FR-E740-15KSC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 15Kw
FR-E720S Series
FR-E720S-0.1KSC 1P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.1Kw
FR-E720S-0.2KSC 1P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.2Kw
FR-E720S-0.4KSC 1P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.4Kw
FR-E720S-0.75KSC 1P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.75Kw
FR-E720S-1.5KSC 1P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 1.5Kw
FR-E720S-2.2KSC 1P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 2.2Kw
FR-E720 Series
FR-E720-0.1KNF 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.1KW (FL NET)
FR-E720-0.2KNF 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.2KW (FL NET)
FR-E720-0.4KNF 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.4KW (FL NET)
FR-E720-0.75KNF 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.75KW (FL NET)
FR-E720-1.5KNF 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 1.5KW (FL NET)
FR-E720-2.2KNF 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 2.2KW (FL NET)
FR-E720-3.7KNF 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 3.7KW (FL NET)
FR-E720-5.5KNF 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 5.5KW (FL NET)
FR-E720-7.5KNF 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 7.5KW (FL NET)
FR-E720-11KNF 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 11KW (FL NET)
FR-E720-15KNF 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 15KW (FL NET)
FR-E740 Series
FR-E740-0.4KNF 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.4KW (FL NET)
FR-E740-0.75KNF 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.75KW (FL NET)
FR-E740-1.5KNF 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 1.5KW (FL NET)
FR-E740-2.2KNF 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 2.2KW (FL NET)
FR-E740-3.7KNF 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 3.7KW (FL NET)
FR-E740-5.5KNF 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 5.5KW (FL NET)
FR-E740-7.5KNF 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 7.5KW (FL NET)
FR-E740-11KNF 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 11KW (FL NET)
FR-E740-15KNF 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 15KW (FL NET)
FR-E720 Series
FR-E720-0.1KNC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.1KW (CC LINK)
FR-E720-0.2KNC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.2KW (CC LINK)
FR-E720-0.4KNC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.4KW (CC LINK)
FR-E720-0.75KNC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.75KW (CC LINK)
FR-E720-1.5KNC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 1.5KW (CC LINK)
FR-E720-2.2KNC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 2.2KW (CC LINK)
FR-E720-3.7KNC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 3.7KW (CC LINK)
FR-E720-5.5KNC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 5.5KW (CC LINK)
FR-E720-7.5KNC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 7.5KW (CC LINK)
FR-E720-11KNC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 11KW (CC LINK)
FR-E720-15KNC 3P/AC 220V/50Hz&60Hz/ 15KW (CC LINK)
FR-E740 Series (CC LINK)
FR-E740-0.4KNC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.4KW (CC LINK) 
FR-E740-0.75KNC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 0.75KW (CC LINK)
FR-E740-1.5KNC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 1.5KW (CC LINK)
FR-E740-2.2KNC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 2.2KW (CC LINK)
FR-E740-3.7KNC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 3.7KW (CC LINK)
FR-E740-5.5KNC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 5.5KW (CC LINK)
FR-E740-7.5KNC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 7.5KW (CC LINK)
FR-E740-11KNC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 11KW (CC LINK)
FR-E740-15KNC 3P/AC 380V/50Hz&60Hz/ 15KW (CC LINK)
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