Batch Control
       Over the years, JWT has served customers on batch control projects in many different industries and processes. Our project size ranges from simple batch controls to large- scale and enterprise systems. We use proven methods and implement batch applications with the ISA S88 Standard and enterprise application with EPP software.

       We have special team response for batch application by their have built on their qualifications and experience in the fields of Electrical, Control and IT engineering, by adding specialized knowledge of batch control systems.

       It means our team able to understand the operation of your plant and put that knowledge and understanding to work in getting the best from your process.
We can assist in all the key areas of a project, such as:
  • Functional Control
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Process development
  • Recipe design
  • Master production plan scheduler
  • relational database design
  • Electronic batch record
  • Historical data collection and report design
  • Commissioning and trouble-shooting
       Due to our more experience of batch control, we collected libraries of software, including control modules, phases, equipment modules, function block, graphics symbols, and faceplates. It means you get more efficiently functional built in as standard.

       We have successful designed, implemented and tested systems on various control platforms, including Allen Bradley / Rockwell ControlLogix, RSViewSE, RS Bizware Batch, Siemens S7, WinCC, EPP and SQL.
Our experienced on variety batch process:
• Emulsion & Solvent Paint
• Emulsion Myer
• Latex / Resin
• Fertilizer
• Feed Mill
• Dressing
• Concrete
• Explosives
System Description
A typical Batch Control System consists of the following components:
      - Field devices as sensors, actuators, inverters, instruments and analyzers that provide for connect with PLC controller via digital input/output, analog input/output signals or bus network ( Modbus, Profibus, Devicenet, Foundation Fieldbus) to control process.

      - PLC controller that receives the signals from the field devices and processes them processing logic sequences to control actuators as pumps, valves, motors and lamp indicators

      - HMI Human Machine Interface as a system that interface between operator and process for monitor the status of process, send start/stop commands and get recipes from batch application.

      - EPP / Batch Application that developed recipes, planning scheduler, production online monitoring, QC & packing information, batch report and etc. stored in relational database as SQL, Oracle in order to share with enterprise information as SAP
Benefits of our Batch Control System
  • Decrease in recipe changeover times
  • Reduction of manpower required
  • Greater flexibility
  • Faster and more precise operation; increase productivity
  • Improve product consistency and quality with advanced batch reporting tools
  • A wider range of possible products
  • High level security for access to confidential product recipes
  • Maximize return on investment (ROI)
  • Data exchange with other enterprise systems (ERP, SAP or etc.)
Our Clients
  • Delta Paint
  • Beger
  • Urai Phanich
  • Precision Engineering
  • 4 orange (Vietnam)
  • Dow Corning
  • SahaFarm
  • Unilever Best Foods
  • Wella
  • Property Concrete
  • Thai Light Block Concrete
  • Royal Ceramic Industry
  • Military Explosives Factory
  • Etc.
        EPP (Enterprise Process Plant) is data management information system that suit for
batching process especially in painting & chemical process. It more powerful for production & management tools expand ability from control platform as SCADA software. EPP system also provided data connecting with any enterprise software as SAP, ERP, etc… via SQL
Recipe Editor Module
       Recipe Editor is a base module of EPP systems. Which R&D section use for add-in recipe & specification to database and print on excel file. Besides that R&D will add raw material for use in manual load.
       This module has security by typing and advanced provided for finger scan.
Planning Module
       Standard Planning Module is a base module for offline systems use for issue lot number with automatic generating operation worksheet and raw material & packing draw out.
       Advanced Planning Module is online systems use for connect with production area. When issue lot number then it’ll automatic generate operation worksheet (user can edit before production) by pc will production follow to lot number generated only.
EPP Online Module
        EPP online; Production online status show lot number, product code with start time, QC, filling, cleaning, finish time with actual weight on tank, and show status of production step. Which online on plant wide and user will entry actual information while QC, filling, planning by section. Objective by show on production area will show quench of production (Provide for Advanced Planning Module).
Report Module
       Batch Report; Classify by Lot Number show details of product as raw material, time, specification, packing
       Daily Report; show details of amount of used raw material, finished lot number, time and manufacture Tank.
Batch Historian Module
       Batch Historian; Classify by Lot Number show details of product as raw material, time, specification, packing
       Advanced data logging in Temperature, speed agitator and any parameter that impact to product which display in trend and printout for analyze batch.
       This module suit for chemical process as reactor, oven
Material Usage Module
       Batch Material Usage; Classify by Month to summary all of material usage in
manufacturing process
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