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Hardware Requirements (Recommended):
CPU: INTEL Pentium II or above
Memory: 64MB or above
Hard Disk: 2.5GB or above (Disc space available at least 10MB)
CD-ROM: 4X or above
Display: 256 color SVGA with 800 x 600 resolution or greater
Keyboard and Mouse
Ethernet: for project downloading/uploading
RS-232 COM: At least one available RS-232 serial port required for on-line simulation

Operating System
Windows 2000 /Windows NT /Windows XP / Windows Vista

The Project Manager is a software shell for launching several utilities. Some functions are
duplicated in the EasyBuilder8000 screen-editing program. Project Manager program can
be run as a stand-alone program.

Simple to Configure and with Powerful Functionality
Start EasyBuilder8000

Double-click on EasyBuilder8000 icon to start the software
Create a new project and select type of HMI model

Object Editing and Compiling

After configuring the screen, build files necessary for
HMI downloading. Provide powerful object.


System Parameters Setting

Select PLC type and set communication parameters     Communication parameters can be set automatically by
PLC type

Offline Simulator

EasyBuilder can simulate the project directly on PC. Review the operation procedure and functionality of the objects without downloading the data to MT8000 Connect PC to PLC directly and retrieve the data from PLC.

Object Editing and Compiling After configuring the screen, build files necessary for HMI    
downloading. Provide powerful objects


Using Project Manager to download project data which shortens the downloading time. After downloading, MT8000 is activated automatically. Downloading the project data by SD card / USB device / Ethernet.

Project manager upload and download

Multi-functional objects.

Drawing Tools and Parts Tools icons on the sides of the screen for users to simply create objects. Double click any object to show the object attribute window for easy editing. Edit function automatically detects errors in an edited screen.
Shapes, Symbols and Editing:

Extensive Shape library and Bitmap library provided, for each kind of shape and symbol. Users can design and modify the shape library and bitmap library to create in-house styles. Double byte fonts available: Choose the Windows built-in fonts and select ltalics or bold.
Windows-Style Display:
Supports 2000 screens
65,536 colours
User configurable screen saver
User configurable system message dialogue
Supports Fast-Selection windows function
Supports a variety of pop-up windows
Templates: Users can build and select frequently-used template files
Graphics Display:
Supports BMP ,JPG ,GIF formats
Supports GIF dynamic graph display.

7 security levels; three passwords for each security level.
Time record for log-in. Record and upload log-in time adn user's level.
Event and Alarm:
Configurable activate delay time Event Category function
Event Priority function Configurable scan frequency Operator acknowledge function Sound out when event occurs Historical event record function
Multi-language up to 8 different languages:
Each MT8000 can communicate with others via Ethernet, to provide data to other MT8000's. Each MT8000 can operate the devices connected to another MT8000, via Ethernet. Remote monitoring and fault diagnosis through Ethernet.
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